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Your donation of $25 will make it so that we can support a student for an entire semester.  A donation of $50 will support them for an entire year of 30 weeks.

What we do:

Issue- Bullying reduces participation and makes those impacted feel the need to disappear.  Our program will not eliminate bullying. We seek to become more Un-Bully-Able.

Challenge- Is for our Student Leaders to think outside the realm of lecture/test learning and move into creative thinking and heightened awareness. Project management allows for and encourages this type of thinking and learning.  We found that they were up for the challenge.

Opportunity- Is the development of a pathway and cycle from elementary to middle school through high school to reduce bullying using these tools of project management to raise awareness and inject that into their efforts and training for the younger middle school students.

Teen-S-Team-Plus, Un-Bully-Able We Leadership (or any department or division within it) will not discriminate in any way on the basis of race, creed, religion, orientation or culture with respect to admission in the program, student privileges,  or administrative staff.

Our names reflect what we do:  We work with Teens, encourage greater self-confidence- S-Team and work in Teams.  We seek to help students become more Un-Bully-Able.  And we can do this

Now in our third year helping students become more un-bully-able and closing the gap in classroom skills through project management.
In the Spring of 2015 and Fall of 2015 the program increased in the number of high school students by 24% and served over 100 elementary and 120 middle school students become more un-bully-able.
Using the concepts and methodology of project management as provided by our partner Project Managment Institute Educational Foundation (, students gained academic skills from the tools of project management.
The SEL (Social Emotional Learning) aspect of the program allows students to become more aware of the impact of bullying in their lives and that of the younger students in elementary and middle school whom they mentor in their Bully Awareness Program.  They design and deliver this training twice per year and provide follow-up training for the students' teachers.
What is Bullying to Us?  The Un-Bully-Able We Prime Time Players
See their Bully Awareness Program in the spring of 2015.


See a sample of a middle school Bully Awareness Program


Successful completion of our second year program


In November 2014, we completed our second year of the program and established the cycle of Bully Awareness and implemented the basics of project management.  The program is designed to be turned over to the schools so that they can take it forward.  In the first year, we provide a scholarship for the teacher in the program for their PMP certification. The program created a cycle from elementary to middle and through high school to promote greater bully awareness and help make students more un-bully-able.  Together can do this.


In  May 2014, we completed our pilot project with high marks from the school about how the program was delivered by our Student Leaders. 


January 2014, Coming into the home stretch- Our Student Leaders are building their program and getting ready to present it to their feeder Middle School the first week of April.


On October 15, 2013 TST+ launched the "Pathways to Success" Anti-Bullying and Project Managment Skills Program. Designed to create safer pathways for students moving from middle school to high school, the pilot program is receiving high marks and reviews by Student Leaders and Teachers. Located in South Sacramento the area is diverse and underserved.



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  • Each week we start with an activity or game to bring heightened awareness and confidence.  
  • We then have a 5-10 minute talk from a Certified Project Management professional about one of the topics of project management. One week it could be the "Scope" or the "Closing" of a project. The next could be how businesses use "Communication" to improve their products or services to their customers. 
  • The Student Leaders have approximately one-half hour of SEL training and one hour each week to work on their current project. It is an hour and half after school program.


The goals of Teen-S-Team-Plus (TST+) are to create a multi-level leadership program to improve self-esteem and create greater safety, acceptance and spirit in high schools and middle schools through the power of peer-to-peer mentor interaction and support.